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Best live music bars and clubs in Zaragoza

Going to watch live music in Zaragoza is not an expensive business, there are some places with free concerts at Zaragoza almost everynight. We recommend five stages.

If you are interested in Jazz and other types of music. La boveda is located in the basement of Albergue de Zaragoza and you can enjoy free small concerts almost everynight.

If you love Rock and blues music, then  Rock & Blues is your place.  A small bar near the city centre with good music, atmosphere and drinks. It is open every night and has gigs two or three nights per week.

If you fancy electronic music, disco and other performances, Oasis Club Teatro is a well-known place in town.

If you play any instrument and you are in love with jam session, at Pub el Zorro on thursdays night around 22:00 you can join the crew and perfome live.

Finally, If you like clasical music, el auditorio de Zaragoza has concerts for all budgets. Specially on Sundays morning from January to May.

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