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Top 5 Spanish comedies

In the last five years the Spanish film industry has left a side the Spanish Civil War in order to explore comedies and have a laught at the Spanish culture.

Ocho apellidos vascos (2014). This blockbuster is extremely funny, using the stereotypes of Basque and Andalusian people to write a plot where love links the south and the north.

Perdiendo el norte (2015). After the 2008 economic crash there was a lot of youth unemployment in Spain. In this film two young university students migrate to Germany to find their first job.

Kiki, el amor se hace (2016). Five love stories with different problems about their relationship and sexuality need to find out a way to be happy.

Señor dame paciencia (2017). After the sudden death of her wife. A bank manager will have to carry out her final wish. Spend a weekend with his children and their partners in the village where she was born.

El verano de mi vida (2018). A bankrupt divorced dad promise his son the best summer in his life if he finish primary school with flying colours.And he does. The road movie is on.

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