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Zaragoza public transport

TARJETA LAZO is a public transport card. Top up pay as you go credit on buses, the tram and the airport bus. You can buy this card and add credit at tobacco and stamps shops (ESTANCO in Spanish). The price is 12€ (card: 3€ + Credit: 9€). You can also add credit online. *TARJETA LAZO has more services than tarjeta bus.

Bike sharing systems

BIZI ZARAGOZA. You can only register if you have a NIE or DNI. Once registered at Bici Zaragoza the bizi card will be posted to your address. Afterwards you can link your bizi card with your TARJETA LAZO (At Bizizaragoza website). Annual membership is 37€. Download the app at Bizizaragoza App.

MOBIKE. It is a private company and you just need to download the app at Mobike App. The price is higher but easier to get.


A single ticket valid for an hour is 0,74€ with your TARJETA LAZO and 1,35€ if you buy a ticket on board the bus. You can download the app to check routes, timetables and add credit at Android Bus App o en Apple Bus App. A single ticket allows you to travel around for an hour (you must touch the card on the card reader in every bus you get on).


TARJETA LAZO allows you to get on the Zaragoza Tram as well. A single journey on either also cost 0,74€.


It is no too expensive and handy if you are in a hurry. You can pay with cash or bank card. Book a taxi on 976 42 42 42 or by using the app Android Zaragoza Taxi App o Apple Zaragoza Taxi App.

Buses in Zaragoza area

La TARJETA LAZO is also used to get on líneas interurbanas, these buses take you to villages like Figueruelas, La Muela, Muel, Pina de Ebro, Osera de Ebro, Villamayor, San Mateo y Zuera.

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